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Liss Law, LLC is Boston’s leader in providing solutions for Massachusetts home owners that find themselves faced with a foreclosure. Our team of lawyers have reacted to the ever changing economic climate that affects home owners throughout the Commonwealth, and are able to provide our clients with the best options available. We can assist you by providing a road map of solutions, tailored directly to your unique situation….finding the best possible solution for you.

Regardless of which solution you choose, it is important to know that you are in the best hands possible for situations like yours.

We have successfully challenged bank foreclosures , postponed foreclosure auctions, settled balances, modified mortgages, filed chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcies, short sales, deed in lieus, and continue to work for our clients to find the best possible solutions.

You have rights.

Loan Modifications

Do not let the banks letters and their lawyers letters scare you. You deserve respect and dignity when dealing with your home. Although you may not be able to keep it in some situations, it is better for you to determine when and how you will leave, not the bank calling the shots. Some times all you need is time and a clear head to make the best decision.

Let us help.

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Solutions We Provide Are:

  • Restraining Orders and Injunctions Against Banks
  • Balance Settlement / Negotiations
  • Re-Instatement
  • Modifications
  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
  • Short Sale
  • Deed-In-Lieu